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White Grass
agrippa's diary

Agrippa's Diary


Agrippa's Diary is a captivating gateway to the occult world of Alchemy, Esotericism, and the enigmatic history of ancient secret societies and mystery cults.

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Mark Passio - WOEIH


Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA.


Master Key Society


Master Key Society is a YouTube channel for seekers in the pursuit of wisdom, meaning, and self-improvement.

altrusiangrace-meditation-spirituality-wisdom-flower of life

Altrusian Grace Media


This channel focuses on ancient, rare, or obscure texts not readily accessible to the public with a focus on Gnostic, Alchemical, and Hermetic traditions and an occasional fictional piece.

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Spirit Science


"Knowledge of evolution, life, and dissolution thus leads to complete emancipation from the bonds of Maya, delusion. Beholding the self in the Supreme Self, man gains eternal freedom." --Sri Yukteswar, "The Holy Science"

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Astral Doorway


The purpose of this channel is to spread awareness about the reality and practice of awakening consciousness through deep meditation, yoga, astral projection, and more; ultimately guiding us all closer to our own specific 'Path of Inner Initiation into the Greater Mysteries of Reality... and Beyond Reality!'

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Wood Texture

Natural Law Seminar - Parts 1-3

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